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Office 365


Written by John Mamabolo   |   April 2021

do you what to own your own domain name or company domain.

Software Installation.

Written by John Mamabolo  |   April 2021

Full installation and Configuration of Operating System e.g.: Windows XP Professional, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10, loading of updates from the net, and installation of Anti-Virus software and Remote Management tools.

Remote acess.

Written by l John Mamabolo  |   April 2021

are you having problem  with your pc or labtop  you can  contact us  for
remote acess.

Passwod Reset.

Written by  John Mamabolo   |   April 2021

Did you forget password for your computer or Laptob.

Do you want to recover your password without reimaging compture ( Desktop, Laptob)

Website Design.

Written by John Mamabolo   |   April 2021

Do you what your existing website to be re designed  or  do you what your  website
to be designed or devepoed  by us?.

Website Design
Password Reset
Software Installation
Website & Email Hosting
do you what to  own a domain or website. You can just chat with us
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